Robert Harder,

producer, composer, arranger, audio engineer,
songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist and beat programmer,
currently in Joshua Tree California, USA,

helped to define and reinvent the sound of various artists
in the vibrant scene of London in the 2000s.

The catalog of his productions and collaborations
lists a large number of records and territories.

A Grammy for
David Byrne & Brian Eno’s
“Everything That Happens Will Happen Today”
and a Mercury Prize for
Polar Bear’s “Dim Lit”
constitute some of the awards
for albums he has worked on.

A selection of collaborative tracks featured
on Super Bowl half-time ads and on major TV series ranging from
Breaking Bad to The Sopranos
as well as London and Paris fashion week catwalk shows
from Dior to Carl Lagerfeld.

Recent projects:

– A new concept attempt in VR live recording
with Anderson Paak via Q-department NYC
and VRC company (Robert Stromberg and Stephen Spielberg).

– The binaural audio production “Nixon in Agony” by Adam Donen, for the National Arts Festival in South Africa

– An album with Neneh Cherry and The Thing,

– A mix of a live concert of Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Mats Gustafsson (Fire!).

– A Pan-European holographic Symphony
by contemporary composer Adam Donen
recorded in London, Vilnius (Lithuania) and Vienna.

– A 360 recording with contemporary classical pianist
Anna Zassimova in Liszt Hall in Austria.

– An album with Grant Earl Lavalley

– An EP With Annachristie

– An EP with Wendy Bevan

– Editing Martin Craft’s album “Blood Moon”.

– Mixes and masters for Tenfivesixty, Will Varley,
Black Gold Buffalo, Auto Heart, Laura Dre, Radio Wolf.