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Adam Donen’s “Symphony for a lost Generation” part IV

We flew to Vienna to work with the amazing Vienna Philharmonic Choir to record their parts for Adam Donen’s “Symphony for a lost Generation”. They are simply awesome – anyone in need of Choir recordings – go there. Big thanks to all the choir members, conductor Walter Zeh, engineer Ulrich Treutwein, and the “S.T.A.L.G.” team. picture by: Mikael Jaeger Jensen

Anderson Paak VR in Hollywood Reporter

Here is the Hollywood Reporter article about the VR Concert with singer and performer Anderson Paak, Zlaya Loud and I had the honour of recording for Q-Department NYC acting on behalf of VRC (Stephen Spielberg, Robert Stromberg).

This was an exciting and completely new project, creating content for immersive semi-live 360-degree VR environments. Current projects of the VRC company include “The Martian” as VR version. Q-department NYC is known for exceptional music production and sound design.

In two weeks we needed to come up with a way of recording live VR sound in the highest possible quality, and it has not been done before like that. A lot of improvisation, creativity, drawing and writing lists, sourcing and placement of highest spec microphones, set up time lines and delivery to the minute in the shortest of time windows, busy locations and possibly invisible to the camera. It needed high res recording, integrating and synchronising camera four point microphoning, mixing, mastering and delivering over night. Finally all was done to a great success for all.

Orchestra recording for A. Donen’s “Symphony of a lost Generation” in Vilnius Lithuania

We recorded the Lithuanian State Orchestra for Adam Donen’s fundamental “Symphony to a lost Generation” in Vilnius, Lithuania. Deep breath, after conceptualising and planning this is the second of many steps on the path of this enormous task of a project. Marta was my helpful assistant, Anna Zassimova and Adam Donen helped with keeping our eyes/ears to the score. picture by Magnus.

Gwyneth Herbert – The Sea Cabinet – Reviews 4/5-5/5

 Gwyneth Herbert - Sea CabinetGwyneth Herbert – The Sea Cabinet – Reviews

The Morning Star ***** 5/5: “Simply a triumph” “In its lovingly-produced completeness, this album is a work of art”

Financial Times **** 4/5




the independent

Independent ****  4/5 “Recorded by the sea in Aldeburgh, Herbert’s sort-of concept album is changeable as the ocean”


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the jazzman: “a spectacular concept album”